Friday, March 16, 2018

Travel Diary: Miami

If you didn't see my last post, you wouldn't know that my roommates and I recently took a long Spring Break trip to two different cities--Nashville and Miami. The last post was all about Nashville and today I'm going to be talking about Miami. Surprisingly, our time in Miami was a little more low key than in Nashville. On most days, we simply laid on the beach enjoying the warm sun. Even though we didn't do as much, we did find a few awesome places I wanted to share!

Day One: We got into Miami really late on Sunday, so we basically grabbed dinner and went to sleep. Our Airbnb was located in South Beach, about a 10 minute walk to the beach. Monday morning we immediately got up and went to the beach! We rented lounge chairs there and stayed there until about 4:30pm. For dinner, we randomly found this place called Sweet Liberty. The food was pretty good--we ordered fresh guacamole, which was amazing and then I got a burger. The menu was pretty limited, but that was okay for us. The happy hour was great so we got a couple $7 margaritas during our dinner, too. Afterwards we met up with a couple friends at The Clevelander, an outdoor bar on Ocean Drive. The drinks here were pretty good, although they weren't very strong. Overall, it was a good time with great music and wonderful service as well.

Day Two: Tuesday was another day spent almost entirely at the beach. We got these adorable, huge pineapple cups from CVS to make a drink in (pictured below). We stayed pretty late on the beach, leaving around 5:00pm. We met some friends at Wet Willies on Ocean Drive, which is a bar solely focused on frozen drinks (and they are GOOD!). We were planning a night out with friends, but we ended up having some trouble with our Airbnb, so we decided to stay in and deal with that. We did grab dinner at a Mexican grab-and-go style place nearby. It's called Taco Rico and it was seriously amazing. The guacamole was to die for and the tacos were authentic and fresh! We came back and caught up on our tv shows like The Bachelor, which was much needed. 

Day Three: It was raining on Wednesday, so instead of going to the beach we headed to Shake Shack for lunch, which I was incredibly excited about because I had never been to one. I'm not going to lie, the meals are incredibly unhealthy, but they're just so good you can't pass it up! After that, we walked around shopping on Lincoln Drive and ended up stopping for a couple of mojitos at one of the bars/restaurants on that strip (I honestly couldn't tell you the name). We went back to our Airbnb, got ready, and met our friends in Wynwood, Miami for a night out. We went to Wood Tavern, where they had free drinks for ladies until 11pm, so we definitely took advantage of that. After that, we were all pretty hungry so we grabbed some tacos at Coyo Taco, which were delicious. 

Day Four: On Thursday it was sunny and 75 again, so we spent our day at the beach. We left the beach around 5pm, went back to our Airbnb, got ready, and went to dinner. It was our last night in Miami together because one of my friends had to leave to visit some law schools that weekend. For our last night, we decided to go to a somewhat nicer dinner at an Italian restaurant called Sylvano's. We all really love Italian food, so we really enjoyed the dinner. Afterwards, we went to The Fish on 1826 for a drink. This place was awesome. It felt like we were getting an expensive bottle service, but we weren't. It had a lounge type feel, but the music was great and their were fun colored lights to give it a nightlife atmosphere. The drinks were amazing and our waitress was super sweet and even gave us a free shot to try! You have to check this place out if you're in Miami. Once we got back we all had a bit of a sweet tooth so we walked up the street from our place to Phenomenon Cookie, which had actually just opened in South Beach three days prior. They were closing up, but the guy working there was so nice and gave us all free cookies--they were outrageously good.

The Fish at 1826
Phenomenon Cookie
Day Five: Friday was another warm day, so we of course, spent it at the beach. We left around 4:30pm to meet some friends at Wet Willie's (yes, again.) For dinner that night, we walked to Lincoln Drive to find a restaurant. We ended up choosing an Argentinean style steakhouse that I think was called Baires Grille, but I honestly can't remember. After dinner, we just went back to our Airbnb and went to sleep. Our flight was at 6am on Saturday so we wanted to rest as much as possible.

Overall, our trip to Miami was amazing. It was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I cannot wait to visit again one day!


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