Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wedding Attire: Miami, Florida

In case you didn't see my last post about packing for this trip, my fiancé and I just travelled to Miami, Florida for his college friend's wedding. It was only a weekend trip, but it was so much fun and the warm weather there had me in such a good mood! After traveling 3+ hours to the airport and still missing our first flight, we were absolutely thrilled when we finally landed in Miami. We did go to a few cool places while we were there, but I'm going back in literally 5 days for a Spring Break trip with my girl friends and I'm hoping to do a whole post on my trip to the city after that. As for now I thought I would share with you all the outfit that I wore to the wedding we attended.

Outfit Details: 


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  1. You picked the perfect outfit for the climate babe! That colour is beautiful on you and the dress is so elegant!



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