Thursday, February 22, 2018

Packing a Carry-On for a Weekend Getaway!

This weekend my fiancé and I are going on a quick trip to Miami, Florida for one of his college friend's wedding. We'll only be gone from Friday-Sunday, so I don't need to pack a bunch of stuff, but of course, I still have to have options. Even when you're only going somewhere for a weekend, packing in a carry-on can still be pretty stressful. Here's how I did it. 
Basically, how I like to start packing for any trip begins with a list with these categories: Outfits, Accessories, Makeup, Hair Products/Tools, Toiletries, Technology, and Other. First and foremost I like to pick out specific outfits based on which events or activities I will be doing on that particular trip. In Miami I needed an outfit dinner and drinks when we get there, brunch the next morning, the wedding, and something to fly home in. Those are the only things I need, but I like to pack at least one extra outfit just in case I'm not feeling something once I put it on. So here is the basic layout of every clothing and accessory item I brought. 

The first outfit I brought is one to go grab dinner and drinks with a few friends once we get there. I just went with some distressed, high waisted jeans and a pretty white silky cropped top from Anthropologie. I paired this look with my Gucci disco bag, a Baublebar layered necklace and some cute Valentino look-alikes I found at Lulus!

Next I needed something to go to a cute brunch the next day before the wedding! I just packed some darker high waisted jeans with this cute BCBG ruffled top! For accessories I went with some simple espadrille style sandals and a few gold jewelry pieces. I also packed an extra pair of jean shorts because it's supposed to be surprisingly warm for February. 

As for the wedding, I went with the same shoes and crossbody (remember we have to consolidate so it all fits in our carry-on) and a long dress I found at Lulus because it is a Formal style wedding. For this look, I kept the accessories pretty simple.

Lastly, I just needed something simple to fly home in. I always like to be comfortable when I'm traveling, while trying to look as cute as possible. I decided on some leggings, a tee, and a distressed jean jacket. These Michael Kors slip-ons are one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes--so comfortable and equally as cute. 

This is the one "extra" outfit I packed. I threw in this romper from Anthropologie just in case it was especially hot in Miami and I didn't feel like wearing jeans one day. 

As for makeup, here are the products I decided to pack for our weekend getaway. I chose the Modern Renaissance palette for this trip because it's so versatile--I can do something really simple or something a little more intense for nighttime. 

Now on to the next most important thing--toiletries. When it comes to packing in a carry-on, it is extremely important to keep in mind the "3.7 fl oz. rule," which basically just means that you can't have any liquids in your carry-on that are above 3.7 fl oz. Even if you have a container that says 5 oz., but there is only probably 2 oz. of product in there, they still will not let it slide. The container of the product must be 3 fl oz. or less. 

I also recommend keeping all of these products in one bag because TSA will most likely make you remove those items when you're going through security so they can get a closer look. I found this really convenient bag on Sephora that is just adorable. It's clear, which is great so you can easily find everything you're looking for. It comes with three reusable travel friendly containers for your liquids, too! The containers is comes with are really nice too and easy to clean out unlike those clear plastic ones you can get from a grocery store!

Other than all the things previously mentioned, I just packed boring things like phone chargers, hair tools, and a travel size steamer that I can use for my dress once I get there! One last tip for packing tightly--make use of your handbags! Store things like jewelry and socks inside them to help them not get deflated and also to help you save some room.

Lastly, double-check your list to make sure you didn't forget anything important! After that you're good to go and you can finally sit back and enjoy your weekend away!


  1. hey dear,
    I'm best fan of you, your post Are so wonderful,and really useful in my life,thanks dear for awesome sharing...

  2. LOve this post! I am always such an over-packer so these tips are so great

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