Monday, April 29, 2019


Hi guys! Long time, no post--but if you didn't know, I actually started a Youtube channel so I've been over there posting content instead of on my blog. I definitely want to get back into the swing of blogging, too, though, because it is something I enjoy. Specifically, I LOVE doing travel guides and sharing my experiences with you through a detailed blog post. It's something I feel like I can't always include in a YouTube video. So today I am sharing with you my 7 day itinerary for Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. This was my first time going to Disney World as an adult and I had SO MUCH FUN. I went with my mom and my best friend, Amber. My mom basically planned our whole trip (she's awesome at stuff like that), so basically I owe all of these ideas to her.

I tried to make this post as user friendly as possible, so I wrote out ALL of my thoughts and everything we did each day, but if that is too much for you, I also just included a short synopsis of our schedule at the top of each day and included a rating for each restaurant, ride, or shopping experience. I also have 3 YouTube videos about Disney (packing, my Disney day bag, and Disney vlogs), so I will link all of those below as well.

Friday, August 31, 2018


Hey everyone! As I'm sure you all have heard, Sephora decided to spring another sale on us (hey, I don't think ANYONE is complaining) so I wanted to quickly share with you all what my top 10 picks would be! Of course, there are so many great options and things to stock up on, but these are some of my favorite! 

Sephora Sale Details
-Rouge members get 20% with code YESROUGE until September 3, 2018
-VIB members get 15% off with code YESVIB until September 3, 2018
-Beauty Insiders get 10% off with code YESINSIDER until September 3, 2018 

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